Package com.ziesemer.utils.xml

Class Summary
IdentityTransform Returns a StreamSource to the "XML Identity Transformation", as defined at
NamespaceContextMap An NamespaceContext implementation, based on the guidelines in the NamespaceContext interface's Javadoc.
NamespaceContextMap.NamespacePrefixes Considered using a LinkedHashSet instead, which would provide a theoretical performance improvement to NamespaceContextMap.NamespacePrefixes.remove(Object) (and any NamespaceContextMap.NamespacePrefixes.add(String) that results in a NamespaceContextMap.NamespacePrefixes.remove(Object)).
PrettyPrint Provides convenient access to a thread-safe, reusable Templates instance that can be used to "pretty-print" XML.
XmlEncoding Utility for determining the character set / encoding of an XML InputStream, based on

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