Java projects including the production-class, performance-designed MarkUtils libraries for Java 1.5 / 5.0 and newer.

Project Blog Posts Javadocs
HttpEchoServer Capturing complete HTTP requests - Echo Server (Pending upload.)
MarkUtils-Codec MarkUtils-Codec: Base64, URL, and other byte/char conversions Javadoc
MarkUtils-IO MarkUtils-IO: Performant Java Streams, Readers, and Writers Javadoc
MarkUtils-JMX MarkUtils-JMX (Pending upload.)
MarkUtils-PacProxySelector MarkUtils-PacProxySelector for Java Javadoc
MarkUtils-Web MarkUtils-Web: ZipServlet and CompressFilter
New version of MarkUtils-Web: ZipServlet and CompressFilter
MarkUtils-XML MarkUtils-XML: NamespaceContextMap, PrettyPrint, Date Format
XML Property Expansion with MarkUtils-XML
Handling XML Encodings with MarkUtils

All projects are released under the GPL-3.0 open source license, except for Proxy Auto-Config (PAC) Proxy Selector, which is released under the LGPL-3.0 open source license.